Harmal Seeds - Peganum Harmala / Syrian Rue / Esfand / Spilani

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Harmal Seeds - Peganum Harmala / Syrian Rue / Esfand / Spilani



Latin: Peganum harmala 

Origin: India 

Other Names: Hermal, Hermala, Harmal, Harmala, Aspand, Espand, Esphand, Esfand,Syrian Rue 

Syrian rue/Esfand (Peganum harmala) is a desert plant that grows from the Eastern Mediterranean, throughout the Middle East and up to India, Mongolia and Manchuria.

The plant's seeds are especially noteworthy as they have a long history of ritual and medicinal use over thousands of years in the rites of many cultures, including as an incense. The plant has remained a popular tool in both folk medicine and spiritual practices for so long that some historians believe the plant may be the ancient "soma" (a medicinal aid that is mentioned in a variety of ancient Indo Iranian texts but whose exact identity has been lost to history).

Sweet Health Harmal seeds are of highest grade.

Please note: Great care should be taken if considering for internal Consumption. Syrian Rue contains Harmine and Harmaline, the same alkaloids present in the B.Caapi vine, in high concentrations.